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Who we are

Hercules Cares is a non-profit organization comprised of 100% volunteers working in conjunction with the City of Hercules. Our goal is to connect senior citizens and at-risk members of the community  with volunteer help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How it works

  • People who need assistance can visit and submit a request for volunteer services.

  • If you are requesting help, you do not need to create an account or log in.

  • Users who create an account and complete the volunteer training module can log in to the site and fulfill requests like picking up groceries or filling prescriptions.  

If you'd like to get involved, get started Here.

Meet Key Staff


DiAngelo Soriano

Founder & Director


Czarina Catalogna

Co-Founder  & Communications Head


James Spilman

Marketing Head


Jacob Spenger

Head Copy Editor


Bryan Ayers

Sarah Creeley
Paul Freese

Michael Gooding

Jeanette Hoki

Susan Pricco

Dan Romero

Susan Rosen

Steve Spilman

Keith R. Tsujimoto

Damian Wong

Dr. J. Yamamoto 

Special Thanks To

Breanna Fong

Maia Malari

Contact Us
If you have suggestions, comments, or concerns,  leave a message in the form below or email us directly at

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Original Artwork by:

Maia Malari

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